Lyric Video Animation


Specialize in typography music videos & music video edits for bands / music artists, As well as many other video orientated work.

EST Delivery Time: 4 - 6 days
Up to 1 Video
Revisi 0 kali
Resolution full HD 1080
artwork from artist or client
we animating your art and lyric
feel free to attach artist's infos, logo, art album etc.
send me HQ audio for better experience

Hi, Im Irvandionisi. Thank you for your interest in my works. And a pleasure to hear you like my projects. I have worked as a part of scott rudd films to create video for many bands, business and labels, they include the following; Sony, Entertainment One, Sumerian Records, Nuclear Blast, Sharptone Records, Rings of Saturn, Fear Factory, Opeth, Emmure, Attila, Chelsea Grin, Fit For An Autopsy, I Declare War, Infant Annihilator, The Zenith Passage, Fallujah, Aversions Crown, Thy Art Is Murder, Enterprise Earth, Winds Of Plague, Legend, Aborted, Job For A Cowboy, As Blood Runs Black, Black Tongue, I See Stars & many many more! You can find all my portofolio in my website ( or please send me your songs with the lyric sheets. So i can check all the details and give you a quotation with more details how it can be done. And feel free to attach artist's logo, album art or any reference videos if you have any ideas. If you don't have mastered versions at the moment, that's fine to have a low-quality or un-mastered versions to get an idea.

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motion graphic lyric video video lirik

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Langkah Produksi

  1. pre prodution : concept and brief from client
  2. production : 4-6 days
  3. post production : preview with low render quality
  4. finishing : full render quality