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Infographic Untuk Keperluan Beriklan Anda

EST Delivery Time: 5 hari kerja
Up to 1 Menit
Revisi 3 kali
- Full HD Videos
- Voice Over

Java Infographic juga memproduksi Infographic guna kebutuhan beriklan anda di TV mapun TV Tron. Animasi Bergerak disertai VO (Voice Over) akan semakin mempertajam pesan Iklan Infographic anda.

user Java Infographic
Kota:Kota Yogyakarta

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Production Steps

  1. 1. Data Gathering
  2. 2. Script Writing
  3. 3. Story Boarding
  4. 4. VO recording
  5. 5. Infographic Production
  6. 6. Review / Quality Control
  7. 7. Infographic Ready to Launch